Draganfly Ready to Take Over Market Leadership in Commercial Drones

Close to ten years ago, I called the publisher of a notable aviation magazine. Would he like to have me cover the emerging drone sector? 

“Nah,” he told me, “it’s just a fad.”

As usual, a bit ahead of the curve. Just like the early days of the Web when investors balked at the idea of putting up money, only to bite later on, mere months before valuations dropped off the cliff. Still, the idea of drones captivated me, and I went on to write about drone technology for insurance publications. Insurance, despite its moribund image, actually sees ahead quite well. Large insurers, for example, own some of the oldest and largest bodies of research on climate change. Not hard to imagine why.

So drones—yah, I like ‘em. Actually fly one for fun, have pilot certification, and keep up with sector news. 

I’m 100 percent confident that UAS business (Unmanned Aerial Systems), now in it’s commercial infancy, has massive growth ahead. So when associates brought to my attention a company called Draganfly, newly public, I was happy to put my money where my mouth is. 

Stick with me here. I’m about to share my insight on what may become the market leader in commercial drones in North America, and reward early stage investors rapidly and substantially.

Draganfly’s fortunes suddenly took a massive leap forward when the US discovered that Chinese-made drones were effectively spying. Not what you want when you have them in use by military, public safety, police, and utilities, let alone in commercial use cases. So you can see why Chinese made drones are now prohibited in government purchase plans, and why entire fleets of government drones made in China have abruptly grounded. That leaves a huge hole in the market. Both government side and commercial side. Huge.  

Now, let me show you why Draganfly (CSE: DFLY) is so well positioned to take advantage, immediately—and explain how the company is a lot more than just a drone company.

You can get the whole story in my article posted on Financial News Now.